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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Beautiful {Keri}...

I love the glow of a bride-to-be.  I love how happy and pretty they are.  I've been told pregnant women glow, but I see it in women who are still so in love...  Keri here, has been married a year already!  She still fits in the dress, and she still glows!  She's so beautiful and I was so excited to take her pictures!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{Kummer} Family...

My cute "cousin" K and her cute family...just in time for a few maternity pictures!  She had a baby boy the very next week!  She's been letting me take their pictures for a long time now, and I have loved watching them grow!  Congratulations on the new baby!

{M & K}

My dear friend moved away...but before she did, I was able to do some pictures of her kids. I'm going to miss these faces! Enjoy my old stomping grounds and take care of Utah County for me!

{Bella} at one...

I can't believe this little miracle baby is already one year!  She's such a sweet and pretty little thing!  She and I have a pretty good relationship- I see her a lot cause she's at work with her mommy sometimes!  I love it- love her!

{Nix Family}

We don't get out much.  We stay home and don't mind it, but given the opportunity to head West, we jump!  This is my husband's sister and her family, on our trip to Oregon.  We go there because Jon's dad lives there, and it's so amazing!  Even though the kids were crazed and excited to play, we got a few pictures worth sharing!  I love these guys!

New neighbors...{E and W}

I was openly annoyed at the builders in my neighborhood for putting a house literally 14 feet off to the side of my own house.  I know the "benefits" of living in a neighborhood- and I understood I'd have a neighbor, but 14 feet?  I look out my laundry room window and see the side of a house!  Let alone having to be fully clothed when I enter the laundry room from now on, no free-wheeling to get the underwear out of the dryer anymore!  BUT... I haven't stopped thanking the Lord since my new neighbors moved in.  I couldn't ask for better!  Wendy and I became quick friends, mostly because we're so much alike.  We have a lot in common, except that she is starting again, (even at our ripe old age) being a mom. She has a two year old and a new baby- I can't even imagine!  So, once again, I'm grateful... a good neighbor 14 feet away is a lot better than a bad one!