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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Baby {Sarah}

I normally don't love doing newborn pictures.  But I love doing them as a gift for friends.  What could be better than something like this to treasure forever?  This is one BEAUTIFUL baby!  It's a good thing she looks like her mommy- cause her daddy is Jared- the guy I work with! ;)

The {Searle} Family

Has it really been a year since their wedding? I love this little family- and I love that I'm so lucky to take pictures of such beautiful people, all the time!

The {Bolton} Family

Nothing like having some of the best neighbors ever!  This is Gage's best friend and his family- we couldn't love them MORE!  What a good looking family!

The {Adams} Family...

You just sang that title, didn't you?  And then snapped your fingers a couple times?  I know- but man, this Adams family is a lot better looking, don't you think?  These were fun!  Ashlyn is a photogenic little girl! And five already!  Holy Cow!

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Beautiful {Keri}...

I love the glow of a bride-to-be.  I love how happy and pretty they are.  I've been told pregnant women glow, but I see it in women who are still so in love...  Keri here, has been married a year already!  She still fits in the dress, and she still glows!  She's so beautiful and I was so excited to take her pictures!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{Kummer} Family...

My cute "cousin" K and her cute family...just in time for a few maternity pictures!  She had a baby boy the very next week!  She's been letting me take their pictures for a long time now, and I have loved watching them grow!  Congratulations on the new baby!

{M & K}

My dear friend moved away...but before she did, I was able to do some pictures of her kids. I'm going to miss these faces! Enjoy my old stomping grounds and take care of Utah County for me!